Under the Turnip Truck Explained

“Why is your blog called Under the Turnip Truck,?” you may ask – because I have a favorite saying that I use often with folks of all ages:

I know what I’m doing! I wasn’t born under a turnip truck you know!

This is my favorite expression of all time and I think I might use it as my epitaph when I die. Death is a long time away though because I’m not dying until after I turn 100 years old.  Don’t worry. I will be a healthy and vivacious 100 years old and not a crabby, old prune.

Many people ask me what the difference is between falling off a turnip truck and being born underneath one. The best way to explain it is to give you examples.

The following are examples of things that were born under a turnip truck:

Cat Turnip

Joe Turnip

While these are things that may have fallen off a turnip truck:

Scary Spice

A Turnip

10 thoughts on “Under the Turnip Truck Explained”

  1. Mary Beth said:

    You are so beautiful. I believe you will be laughing with Oprah and Tina!

  2. Jim Gross said:

    It all makes sense to me now!

  3. I think that person in the swim suit is very sexy!
    Guess Who?

    • The writer of the above comment is referring to the photo in post 2 on the home page. Ironic that this woman posted her smart remark on the wrong page and right under the examples of what fell off the turnip truck, isn’t it?

      The swim suit woman may be sexy, but she is a bit of a weirdo too. I was just walking by enjoying nature’s wrath and she had this poolside camp set up in her front yard. It was complete with a kiddy pool and water slide. I asked her if I could take her photograph and she approved. As I walked away and looked back in disbelief at this freak, a large branch dislodged itself from a nearby tree and clocked her in the side of the head. I hope she is doing OK.

  4. I love everyone’s comments so far!

  5. I DO NOT think I fell off the turnip truck thank you very much. I consider myself to be extremely smart and inteligent. So thank you very much for posting this unflattering picture of me, but I think I was more the driver of the truck opposed to falling off the truck. 🙂

  6. well then all i have to say is it must have been one hell of a truck to be born under, and I have truly grown into my feathers.

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