Who am I?

What do I want you to know about me?

Raindrop Me

I’m a female, for one thing. Oh, but I got to play a drag queen once in La Cage aux Folles and that was fun.

OK. I am a female trying to have a personal conversation with God or one of his busy employees (i.e. angels and saints), but somehow, though I pray and meditate endlessly (once a week), I haven’t connected with any of them yet. It’s frustrating because I would like to become a Medium when I grow up, but how can I connect with people in the spirit world if I can’t even get an angel to talk to me?

I have a husband named Jim – Jamesery to his really, really close friends. Jim has two cats and a bunch of fish and a pet cricket all of whom he adores. If I had things my way, Jim’s cats would go and live with his mom, but this is not acceptable to Jim. Jim always tells me: “The cats came first so they stay!” To which I would like to respond: “Fine! I’ll go live with your mother!” But I don’t say this because by this point in this particular periodic husband-wife war I’m too exhausted to speak (and I’m usually tending to the claw marks down my legs).

My Husband Jim

Jim is an artist, by the way. He is wicked good at coloring and I am sure to remind him of that at least once a week. If you would like to check out his website you can go to: http://www.jrgart.com. He is handy with a hammer and a nail too.

Back to me. I am also a stage director, teacher and a sometimes-actor living in the Boston area. I would like to not be living in the Boston area. I would like to be living and working in the Big Apple: NYC, but it is too expensive there and I really don’t think I can survive on peanut butter and water. I’m a growing girl. I would like to stop growing, but the process is now out of my control. And I would most definitely starve to death on peanut butter and water, which would be terribly unpleasant. Plus, I’m just a scaredy-cat and afraid of failure and ending up homeless on 42nd Street. There was a time (right now) when I thought I wanted to be famous, but I’ve learned to be happy with the lot in life that I’ve been given.

Frightened-By-My-Lot Me

I am an auntie called Antie too and Jackson (my new nephew) is, for now, the cutest baby nephew ever. He loves his Antie. He never poops on me. That’s nice.

Jackson and the Gigantic Flip-Flops

I also started my own theater company years ago in an attempt to fill up the afore-mentioned lot I was given. I’m glad I did this because it really has been awesome working with the kids who sign up for my programs. My favoritest student of all time is Peter Salhaney. Peter never ever forgets me when he is not in an Athena Productions (that is my company) show. He now works in prestigious venues and he always thanks me in his bio. This makes me feel extra special. Love you Peter! Note to other students who may be reading this and are offended and/or hurt: You can knock Peter off his pedestal by simply telling the world – in writing or on national (or local) TV – how wonderful you think I am.

My All-time, Favoritest, #1 Student: Peter Salhaney

To learn more about me and my company you can visit: http://www.athenatheatreworks.com.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Love those bubbles!!! You keep blowin’ and I’ll keep catchin’

    You certainly have been a busy little beaver since Irene’s tantrum over New England. Maybe her amospheric chaos is good for the blogging juices!

  2. Shannon L. Hogan said:

    I heart you Toni!

  3. Kellie Hajjar said:


    I adore you!!! Thanks for the awesome plug!!! Keep on bloggin’…


  4. Wendy (Silvia) Chipman said:

    I have missed your Turnip Truck posts ….. Glad to see you are back full force. I’m glad that you blocked out Jim’s face to hide his identity. I also want to let you know I have one of those pressure relieving mats …. you are right … you MUST BREATHE…. OUCH is right …. but it is the sweetest of pains …..

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