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Here comes the turnip truck! 

Dear Followers,

I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so, so long. The turnip truck was in the shop for repairs and I was overwhelmed with work. Bla Bla Bla … So many excuses.

Many of my friends have missed their occasional meal of turnips, which has inspired me to take the old truck out for a few spins around the web again.

Photo of a sad and lonely friend - and avid Turnip Truck reader - missing his turnips … it’s OK, PK, I’m right here…

Photo of a sad and lonely friend – and avid Turnip Truck reader – Looking desperately for the turnip truck … it’s OK, PK, I’m right here …

Yes, I have returned and you can once again expect an oh-so-sporadic, and hopefully entertaining, blog article from me every now and then. However, I beg you to go easy on me, as my blog writing skills are very rusty and it may take me a little time to bounce back. I’m just getting my feet wet again!


Let’s begin!

Today I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite pastimes: BEING ALONE. Although I love people (in the real way and not the Donald Trump way, but that is a blog spot for a different day…), I also like a little Toni-Time.

'Nuf Said ...

‘Nuf Said …

Almost everyone who knows me knows I love being alone. Well, at least I thought so until this past winter when I discovered that Jim, my husband of thirteen years, did not know! What the heck, Jim! (For more on Jim’s marriage mishaps, please see the Gnomeo and His Ever-Loving Wife article.)

All is good now because my nephew Jack (remember him?) brought his Uncle Jimmy up to speed.

Jack - The Early Years

Jack – The Early Years

Jack - Current Day

Jack – Current Day

Here is how is all went down:

It was a cold and snowy winter’s day on February 8, 2016 and Jim had gone to my mom’s to help her shovel after he was done helping me clear out our own driveway. You all remember my mom: RiRi Poppins.

RiRi Poppins out for a leisurely stroll at Webb Park in Weymouth, Ma ... Doesn't she look happy?

RiRi Poppins out for a leisurely stroll at Webb Park in Weymouth, Ma … Doesn’t she look happy?

It was so cold that day that if you were unfortunate enough to be outside shoveling the heaps of snow the plows deposited in front of your just cleared-out driveway, then you found that in a matter of minutes icicles would form and drop from the tip of your little nose … or your big nose … depending on that with which you were blessed. Alas, the deep freeze didn’t stop Jack and Uncle Jimmy from building a snowman!

winter 2016

I’ve blurred out Jim’s face again because I didn’t want him to be recognized and then embarrassed for not knowing about Toni-Time after thirteen years of marriage.

At least last winter in Massachusetts wasn’t as bad as the winter before! We literally couldn’t even find our little house for months behind the mounds and mounds of snow!

A View of Our House From the Street: Winter 2014-2015

From the street looking at the house

A View of the Street From Our Front Window: Winter 2014-2015

From the front window looking at the street

But I digress…

The following conversation took place after the shoveling and snowman-building was done:

Jack: Why do you still have your coat on, Uncle Jim? Take it off and stay awhile.

Jim: I can’t stay, Jack. I need to get home.

Jack: Why do you have to go home?

Jim: Because I have work to do.

Jack: Oh.

Jim: And Ant T (that is what my nieces and nephew call me) is home and she is all alone.

Jack: But Ant T likes to be alone.

Jim: She does?

Jack: Duh! Yes!

Later in the day while Jack and RiRi Poppins were sitting at the kitchen table… 

RiRi Poppins: Jack, how do you know Ant T likes to be alone?

Jack: Because I was at her house one time and she told me so. Ant T and I talk, Nona. I know these things about her.

Not untrue Friends. Not untrue.

Me Alone

Me alone and documenting Toni-Time with my selfie stick

Why, I even got to enjoy a little Toni-Time recently when Jim had to have his hip replaced and spent some time in the hospital (he had the hip of a 75-year-old man and he is only 46 years old. Yikes!). People were shocked that I wasn’t at the hospital with Jim 24-7, but, I mean, come on people! He was fine! … He was better than fine. He had great nurses and his smile post-surgery was bigger than the one he was sporting pre-surgery! Jim loved his sort-of-alone-time too! (He had a private room so he was alone when there weren’t visitors, nurses and therapists passing through.) And, it’s not like I didn’t go up a least twice a day for a couple short visits … I did. And he slept most of the time I was there anyway, so please, folks, cut me some slack.

Here is proof that he, with his Ultra Bright smile, was just fine without me there to hang over him:

Jim Pre-Surgery Looking Fine

Jim Pre-Surgery Looking Fine


Jim Post-Surgery in Recovery Room

Jim Post-Surgery in Recovery Room Still Looking Fine


Jim in His Private Room - 10 Hours after Surgery

Jim in His Private Room – 10 Hours after Surgery Looking Better Than Fine

I had to blur out half Jim’s face because I didn’t want him to be embarrassed as he is wearing hospital garb in these photos – you can still see his big old smile though!

I’m not ashamed of taking my most cherished alone-time whenever I can get it and I encourage all of you to do the same! Maybe you have a garden in your yard where you like to sit and relax like I do and if you do then do it!

Sit! Relax! Enjoy! De-stress!

You’ll love it. I promise.

My Own Garden

My Own Garden, Summer 2016

Well, that’s it for today, friends. The turnip truck needs a nap.

Happy Summer, Everyone!

Until next time…

I’m turning off the turnip truck.