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Here comes the turnip truck!


Tis’ the season to be JOLLY – so why the heck are most of the people I see or converse with so disgruntled? Come on folks – even Ebenezer Scrooge turned it around! Learn from his mistakes. Haul out the holly. Deck the halls. Rock around the Christmas tree … or the menorah … or the Kwanza cup … or whatever else makes you happy.

Whatever your belief system, just leave the barrel behind this week and find the JOLLY in everything.

My husband Jim always finds the jolly in things – regardless of whether it is Christmas time or a sizzling summer month. Unfortunately, one of the things that makes him feel so jolly is wearing a ridiculous headband when he goes out for a run. I’ve repeatedly tried to get Jim to understand that emulating Paulie Bleeker from the movie Juno is just not cool.

Paulie Bleeker

Nevertheless, Jim insists that Paulie is his hero and so he continues to sport the ludicrous look. In fact, when Jim drew our Christmas card picture this year (see above) he insisted on drawing himself running with a headband. You’ll notice that I blurred out Jim’s face again. I had to. It is my duty as a loving and protective wife to prevent him, to the best of my ability, from dorkifying himself for all to mock. Poor Jim.

So today is the eve of Christmas Eve – I hope you have all finished shopping by now. God help the people on your Christmas list if you have not. One year I waited too long to start my shopping (I went out on Christmas Eve) and there was nothing left in the store except picked-over Chia Pets. My Uncle Anthony was the only recipient of the Chia pet who actually attempted to grow the Chia’s hair (Uncle got a ram Chia). Unfortunately, the poor pet must have had Alopecia or something because his hair only grew in small patches all over his body. Poor Chia.

Ram Chia

I’m actually thinking of purposely buying my dad, Pasquale, a Chia pet for Christmas this year. He really wants a live dog, but, according to my mother, “that will never happen in [my dad’s] lifetime”. Maybe RiRi Poppins (my mom) is descended from Ebenezer Scrooge. Bah Humbug! Poor Pasquale.

Poor Pasquale

You might be wondering what I want for Christmas. Well, the truth is, the love and adoration of my followers, family and friends is just not enough. This year, I would like an elephant for Christmas. Seriously. I want to do what my friend Katie did and adopt an elephant! This is ironic because one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time is I Want an Elephant for Christmas!


Just to make sure that Santa receives my Christmas wish list, I’ve asked Jax, my Elf on the Shelf, to put in a good word for me with Santa. Jax smiled upon hearing my request and so I know that he will try to hook me up with the man in red! Thanks Jax!

My Elf on the Shelf

As I close this post, I want to wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I hope that whether Santa is good to you or not, you will find the time to haul out the holly, rock around something symbolic and, most importantly, find the Jolly in everything you see or do.

As a gift to all my followers, below I am providing a link to my favorite Christmas song of all time. You can probably change the word Christmas to whatever you want without breaking any major law, so feel free to do so.


Until next time…

I’m turning off the turnip truck.